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Hello!  Thank you for your interest in our charity,  Healing Naturally – A Wellness Charity, Inc.  We are passionate about providing health and wellness for everyone and realize that sometimes the preventive care that most people need seems to be out of reach when it comes to cost. Healing Naturally was developed as a way to give back to the community by offering naturopathic care to low-income families within the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area.  Additionally, we strive to fulfill our naturopathic commitment to teaching by providing nutritional and preventive health education to elementary schools throughout the valley.  Everyone deserves access to safe, gentle, and effective healthcare.  Please learn more at our dedicated website and follow us on Facebook to find out more about our events and pop-up clinics throughout the valley.

We would be honored if you would choose Healing Naturally as your charity of choice through Amazon Smile. Thank you!

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