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Natural Dispensary

Welcome to my online medicinary.  I felt it was beneficial to provide information and access to quality supplements which I use with my family and in my practice.  These products are not fulfilled through my practice, but directly through Fullscript online dispensary, and any follow up should be done through their company.

While I urge you to pay attention to your body and take responsibility of your own health, it is of utmost importance that you ensure proper assessment from a licensed medical practitioner for any symptoms and pre-existing medical conditions you may be having prior to purchasing supplements and herbs, from any source other than your primary care provider.  Supplements and herbal products are not a substitute for necessary medical care.  All supplement information is provided for your education only.

The products I am providing access to here are general supportive products.  In order to prescribe anything more specific will require an appointment so that we can determine the best route to take with supplements and herbs based on your unique case.  Please note that reactions to supplements and herbs can occur in some people, and it is your responsibility to use caution when purchasing any supplements or herbs, as we are not responsible for any purchases you make through the online dispensary.

It is important to realize that natural is not always safe, even when a supplement or herb has a great safety track record.  Each person is different, and there are rare circumstances when adverse reactions happen with even high quality products.  Please follow these guidelines before starting any supplements or herbal products:

  • Use only quality supplements or herbs from well known sources.

  • Don’t start supplements if you’re on prescription medications without the guidance of a licensed primary-care provider.  There may be interactions between your medication and natural supplements and herbs that could decrease the effectiveness of the medication, or make it stronger.

  • The daily dose of a supplement or herb is listed for your protection.  Stay within that range.

  • Development of new symptoms, for example, a rash, nausea, or headache, within a few days of starting a supplement, with no other explanation for the symptom, require discontinuation of the supplement.

  • If pregnant, I do not recommend the use of any products unless under the guidance of a medical practitioner or certified midwife.

Disclaimer:  The statements on this page and on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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