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Pediatric and Teen Health

Dr. Taddiken treats children from birth through puberty.  Being a mother of two, she knows firsthand the importance of a healthy start in those formative years. However, even if there was a rocky start, there is always space to bring the body into balance at any time during a child’s life.  Dr. Taddiken has experience treating the following with children:

  • Reflux symptoms

  • Skin disorders include eczema, acne, diaper rash, warts, etc.

  • Sleeping problems include hyperactive mind/trouble sleeping at night, bed wetting, and nightmares.

  • Ear infections

  • Allergy symptoms

  • Asthma in children

  • Colds and flu remedies

  • Alternative vaccine schedule/homeoprophylaxis

  • Stomach pain, including constipation, diarrhea, gas/bloating

  • Food allergy testing

  • Behavior issues including ADD and ADHD

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