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Natural Testosterone Boosters!

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Hormones play a huge role in our wellbeing. While both men and women have all of the same hormones, it is the amount that separates our developmental paths. Testosterone is the dominant male hormone, and we all know that it is typically plentiful in young males. However, as men age and head towards what is known as andropause, testosterone will start to decline.

How do I know if my testosterone levels are declining? Only lab tests can give a definitive look at testosterone levels, however, there are certain signs or symptoms that can lead you to make a visit to your physician to have those checked out. Some of those are:

  • Decreased energy, strength and stamina

  • Reduced sex drive and erectile dysfunction

  • Depression

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Memory reduction

  • Increased body fat

Some men may find that their levels are critically low and may require testosterone supplementation through injections. However, many might find that they can work on naturally boosting their levels through diet, botanical medicine, nutrients, or exercise. Some of the best ways to boost testosterone naturally are:

  • Exercise and weight lifting – particularly resistance training and High-Intensity Interval Training

  • Minimize stress – increased cortisol from daily stress can hijack testosterone, leading to reduced levels

  • Quality vitamin and minerals – particularly zinc, B-complex, and an emulsified vitamin D3

  • Sleep – the amount and quality of nightly sleep will affect testosterone levels. Shoot for 8 hours, and no less than 7 hours a night. Always sleep in cool, dark, quiet rooms.

  • Avoid exposure to estrogens – these can include excessive exposure to plastic compounds like BPA, parabens, and phthalates found in many of our household items (i.e water bottles and plastic food containers).

Wherever you are at with your testosterone levels, you can always do well by living a healthy lifestyle and incorporating a healthy diet. Eating a diet rich in clean whole foods, drinking pure filtered or spring water, and getting daily exercise with enough strength training will be a great first step in the direction of optimal testosterone levels.

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